The One Thing You Need in a Listing Agent

If you’ve talked to an agent about selling your home, you’ll notice many only focus on one thing, price. That’s not surprising, since most homeowners are concerned with how much they’ll get from the sale and whether it’s enough to help meet their next real estate goal.

So what’s wrong with a Listing Agent who’s price-oriented? They’re missing the big picture, and are reliant on the fact that your sale depends on hitting the market at the “right” price. This magical number is the one at which multiple offers and a quick closing can be assured. 

The problem is, that perfect price is largely a myth; so when a home doesn’t sell at the Open House, what does the price-driven Listing Agent suggest? A price drop. Still no buyer? Another price drop. Nothing? Maybe it’s time for some renovation, followed by, yes, a price drop.

The true value of a savvy, broad-thinking agent

If price is all that matters, why do you need a Listing Agent in the first place? After all, there are plenty of calculators and market stats online to help you estimate an appropriate price for your neighborhood. A truly effective Listing Agent must have a full arsenal of skills other than accurate pricing!

What’s essential is that he or she brings to the table the incentive, desire, and ability to actively promote the property. Importantly, this will not only get the home sold, it will do it at the best possible price because all forces are in play.

Focusing on price alone will eventually get a house sold, but only at the lowest price. If all you’re offering is a cheap house, the sale depends on being cheaper than the next guy. To get top dollar, the seller’s agent must be able to round up buyers, create demand, optimize exposure, and heat up the market for the home.

The full-service advantage

This means having connections with buyers and brokers in the community and beyond. It means having a promotion vs. a price mindset. It means understanding marketing to get your listing seen by the widest audience.

A promotion-minded agent is also exclusive, working with great properties and sellers in their local market. This approach not only paints a better picture for those properties out of the gate, but ensures that your listing is well promoted - because your agent is focused on you, not getting the next client.

The best option for a full-service listing agent in the greater Columbus, GA area is Mike See, not because he can sell a property immediately by dropping the price, but because he has build out extensive buyer networks in the Columbus/Phenix City/Fort Benning area, and his selling mindset puts him in a different league from your run-of-the-mill realtor.

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