Columbus Ga Fall Bucket List

It’s hard to believe that fall season is already here. This short season before the cool of winter is perfect start checking off a new bucket list. From attending a local play to going on a hike, I plan to check off as much of the following activities as possible. Who’s with me?!

·      Go for a hike in Pine Mountain to enjoy the changing leaves

·      Pick out a pumpkin at a local patch

·      See a play at The Springer Opera House and the River Center

·      Have a picnic at the garden behind the Columbus Museum and finish it with some art inside

·      Get a fall themed drink from a local coffee shop: Iron Bank, Fountain City, Midtown Coffee

·      Attend a free outdoor concert on Broadway while the weather is still nice·     

·      Go to Callaway Gardens and bike the trails in the nice weather

·      Bake pumpkin goodies (pancakes, cookies, muffins, etc.)


5 Ways to Simplify Your House Hunt

With August just beginning, this can often be a new time of transition. If you're looking to buy a new house the prospect of house hunting can seem like a daunting experience, but it doesn’t have to be. With some thought out planning, dedicated time and the help of a professional, you can turn your house search into house owning in no time.

1.       Get the Help of a Professional

Realtors exist for a reason! They know the industry both from training and experience. Hiring one can bring you a huge advantage to your house hunt and can take some of the burden off of you. An experienced realtor can make helpful recommendations on lendors, find homes you might’ve missed and aid you in negotiating prices.

2.       Set your Budget

And stick to it! Knowing what you can comfortably afford is key to keeping your stress levels low as you search the market for your ideal property. Be sure to get pre-approved for a mortgage first so you know exactly what you will be able to borrow. After that, set a budget for emergency maintenance,  improvement costs, monthly repayments and any fees that might come up from the buying process. It sounds like a lot, but once you’ve figured this out it will make saying yes and no to potential properties all the easier.

3.       Study Up on Locations

This will ultimately help you narrow your search even further. When you know what locations will work well for you, whether that’s based on proximity to schools, work, or parks, you can eliminate everything not in your ideal locations. Saftey and proximity to what you desire are two big factors to consider here, as these factors will also come to play if you ever decide to put the house back on the market.

4.       Double Check Before You Buy

Once you’ve narrowed your search to your ideal home, be sure to put in some thorough research on the property before you commit. Take a look at the property values in the local area and see what similar homes in the neighborhood are selling for. This could help you see if the asking price is fair and how the value of the property might change in the future. It is also important to invest in a home inspection. Though they aren’t cheap, they could end up saving you a lot of money in the long run. If any potential issues are found during the inspection, you can request the seller make the repairs or you could even use this as a bargaining tool to lower the price.

5.       Think to the Future

Is this a home you can see yourself living and growing in? Does the space meet your unique needs? It’s important you can see yourself being comfortable in the space. Of course keep in mind that the house may not be exactly as you want it when you purchase it. Things like paint, carpeting and wallpaper can easily be replaced to meet your style needs. A home is an investment!




Your 4th of July Guide in the Columbus Ga Area

4th of July is here, so don your red white and blue, spend this day with the ones you love and don’t forget to reflect on what this day stands for. Below are some patriotic choices perfect for celebrating this day.

1.       Freedom Fest: From 10-4p.m at the Infantry Museum a community-wide celebration will be held including music, kid’s activities, historical reenactments, food and fun

2.       Fireworks: You won’t want to miss the firework show taking place at the Phenix City Amphitheater. There will also be other activities including food trucks and live music. Gates open at 4 p.m. It’s easily viewed from the RiverWalk.

3.       34th Annual Sweet Land of Liberty Parade at 10 a.m. at Boyd Park. The theme of the parade this year is "Home of the Brave."

4.       Beach Party at Callaway Gardens: Beach activities, music and fireworks! View the whole schedule here:

5.       Talbot County Fireworks: Talbot County to host a fireworks show at Uptown's Lake starting at 5 p.m.


Have a Happy and Safe 4th Everyone!

Columbus Ga Summer Bucket List

Columbus is growing, and has so much to offer in means of entertainment and food. With summer in full swing, I am ready to explore the city at its warmest and plan to check off as much of the following activities as possible. Who’s with me?!

·         Eat a meal al fresco. Some of the best porches and outdoor spaces to try out: 11th and Bay, Wicked Hen, The Cannon and Bare            Root

·         Go for a bike ride or run on the River Walk

·         Spend some time watching the rafters at Cut Bait

·         Go rafting!

·         Have a picnic at the garden behind the Columbus Museum and finish it with some art inside

·         Buy fresh veggies and local goods at the Saturday Market

·         Take your dog to the Oxbow Meadows Dog Park and throw the Frisbee

·         Get some frozen yogurt at Freeze Frame

·         Attend a free outdoor concert on Broadway

4 Factors to Consider for a Pet-Friendly House Hunt


You may have your list of what you want in your new home, but are you factoring your furry friend? Relocating with pets in the equation adds on a whole new set of things to be mindful of in the move. This doesn’t have to make it too much of a challenge, however, and luckily you could easily modify your new home to be more pet friendly. Below are a list of five important factors for you to consider to insure you AND your pets will both have your needs met in your new home.

1.       Yard and Fencing:

Having a yard where your pet can roam around freely is certainly a plus. A great thing to be on the lookout for is an already fenced in backyard to save the effort of doing it yourself. If there isn’t  a fence already in place, you’ll have to check your HOA or condo covenants. These may restrict the size or material you use, and may only allow an electric fence.

2.       Pet- Friendly Neighborhood

Beyond having your own yard space, having a neighborhood where you can walk your dog is another perk. This means you’ll need to be on the lookout for good sidewalks and preferably a low traffic area (especially if your dog gets out frequently!) Even if your immediate neighborhood isn’t good for walking, proximity to a dog park or open green space could be just as nice.

3.       Pet-Friendly Floors

We love our pets, but that doesn’t mean we love their shedding or claws! With pets, solid hardwood may be the best option due its ease to refinish and clean. Carpeting, on the other hand, will easily stain, smell and collect pet hair.

4.       Pet-Friendly Layout

If you have large dogs, it only makes since that they would require a larger space. Also, if you’re looking at a multilevel home be sure to consider whether or not your dog will be okay with the stairs. As dogs age, stairs can become a nuisance. If you do choose a place with stairs, look for them to have a carpet runner as this makes them much more bearable for aging pets.

International Sterling Society Award of 2017

I am beyond thankful to have received Coldwell Bankers "International Sterling Society Award of 2017." This award is only gifted to agents who rank in the top 15%. It is such an honor, and I owe it all to my wonderful clients who have made this possible. I look forward to continuing this real estate journey and helping many future clients transition to exciting, new chapters of their lives. If you are interested in buying, selling or know someone who is, please give me a call and let’s set up a free consultation.


5 New Restaurants Coming to Columbus GA

It’s such an exciting time to be in Columbus, GA! So much has changed for the better in our community, and it makes me proud to be a part of building that community through realty. Good food is always a real booster for any city, and Columbus has some great new restaurants on the way. Below is a list of 5 new restaurants to be on the lookout for. 

1.       The Simple Greek Restaurant (1228 Broadway): This unique build-your-own assembly line styled Greek restaurant will be coming to Uptown Columbus. The Simple Greek gives you the option to create your own desired meals from their variety of fresh and homemade proteins, toppings and sauces. 

2.       Old Chicago Pizza (Whittlesey Boulevard at Columbus Park Crossing): This restaurant not only features a variety of pizzas, but it also is known for its extensive craft beer selection. It is the first venture of this chain restaurant in Georgia!

3.       Fazoli’s (6589 Whittlesey Blvd): People who have been in Columbus for a while may remember this fast food Italian eatery which used to be located in the Bradley Park area. The new location will come with a “brand-refresh,” but the same beloved unlimited garlic breadsticks.

4.       Sputnik (419 15th St.): What used to be a local dive bar will soon be transformed into a coffee roasting business with a coffee bar and restaurant attached. Even though the business will be coffee focused, it will serve alcohol. Rooftop seating is just the cherry on top.

5.       Jarfly (1358 13th St.) This new Midtown restaurant will be family friendly, pet friendly and affordable. The menu will include a wide variety and will cater to nearby lunch crowds as well as an evening spot.

The One Thing You Need in a Listing Agent

If you’ve talked to an agent about selling your home, you’ll notice many only focus on one thing, price. That’s not surprising, since most homeowners are concerned with how much they’ll get from the sale and whether it’s enough to help meet their next real estate goal.

So what’s wrong with a Listing Agent who’s price-oriented? They’re missing the big picture, and are reliant on the fact that your sale depends on hitting the market at the “right” price. This magical number is the one at which multiple offers and a quick closing can be assured. 

The problem is, that perfect price is largely a myth; so when a home doesn’t sell at the Open House, what does the price-driven Listing Agent suggest? A price drop. Still no buyer? Another price drop. Nothing? Maybe it’s time for some renovation, followed by, yes, a price drop.

The true value of a savvy, broad-thinking agent

If price is all that matters, why do you need a Listing Agent in the first place? After all, there are plenty of calculators and market stats online to help you estimate an appropriate price for your neighborhood. A truly effective Listing Agent must have a full arsenal of skills other than accurate pricing!

What’s essential is that he or she brings to the table the incentive, desire, and ability to actively promote the property. Importantly, this will not only get the home sold, it will do it at the best possible price because all forces are in play.

Focusing on price alone will eventually get a house sold, but only at the lowest price. If all you’re offering is a cheap house, the sale depends on being cheaper than the next guy. To get top dollar, the seller’s agent must be able to round up buyers, create demand, optimize exposure, and heat up the market for the home.

The full-service advantage

This means having connections with buyers and brokers in the community and beyond. It means having a promotion vs. a price mindset. It means understanding marketing to get your listing seen by the widest audience.

A promotion-minded agent is also exclusive, working with great properties and sellers in their local market. This approach not only paints a better picture for those properties out of the gate, but ensures that your listing is well promoted - because your agent is focused on you, not getting the next client.

The best option for a full-service listing agent in the greater Columbus, GA area is Mike See, not because he can sell a property immediately by dropping the price, but because he has build out extensive buyer networks in the Columbus/Phenix City/Fort Benning area, and his selling mindset puts him in a different league from your run-of-the-mill realtor.

Want to SEE IT SOLD? See what a difference it makes to work with the best kind of Listing Agent, Mike See. Contact Mike today to set up a meeting and sell with success!