4 Factors to Consider for a Pet-Friendly House Hunt


You may have your list of what you want in your new home, but are you factoring your furry friend? Relocating with pets in the equation adds on a whole new set of things to be mindful of in the move. This doesn’t have to make it too much of a challenge, however, and luckily you could easily modify your new home to be more pet friendly. Below are a list of five important factors for you to consider to insure you AND your pets will both have your needs met in your new home.

1.       Yard and Fencing:

Having a yard where your pet can roam around freely is certainly a plus. A great thing to be on the lookout for is an already fenced in backyard to save the effort of doing it yourself. If there isn’t  a fence already in place, you’ll have to check your HOA or condo covenants. These may restrict the size or material you use, and may only allow an electric fence.

2.       Pet- Friendly Neighborhood

Beyond having your own yard space, having a neighborhood where you can walk your dog is another perk. This means you’ll need to be on the lookout for good sidewalks and preferably a low traffic area (especially if your dog gets out frequently!) Even if your immediate neighborhood isn’t good for walking, proximity to a dog park or open green space could be just as nice.

3.       Pet-Friendly Floors

We love our pets, but that doesn’t mean we love their shedding or claws! With pets, solid hardwood may be the best option due its ease to refinish and clean. Carpeting, on the other hand, will easily stain, smell and collect pet hair.

4.       Pet-Friendly Layout

If you have large dogs, it only makes since that they would require a larger space. Also, if you’re looking at a multilevel home be sure to consider whether or not your dog will be okay with the stairs. As dogs age, stairs can become a nuisance. If you do choose a place with stairs, look for them to have a carpet runner as this makes them much more bearable for aging pets.